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Reverend Elaine Moyer

The Reverend Elaine C. Moyer has been serving as the pastor at Faith United Church since 2007.

Pastor Elaine brings excitement, creativity, and authenticity to the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Elaine demonstrates great flexibility and open-mindedness in her approach to worship service and is always very responsive to input from church members.

One of her other strengths is bringing church and community together in order to share resources to address the needs of others.

Her hobbies include photography, reading, and Civil War history. In addition, she is a major sports’ buff who is an avid follower of the Penn State Lady Lions basketball team, and she is also a true Philly Fanatic.

Rev’d Up with The Church Mouse


Whoa! What a morning at the church. Your favorite church mouse is sending greetings and you guessed it I was once again rather rudely awaken by the pastor who is always so chipper and full of life as she flips on the lights to prepare for Sunday Worship. I have to admit my curiosity seems to be getting the best me with each Sunday.

So as I stretched my very trim body, I got the nerve to sneak up front and park myself just under the pew where the pastor sat as she prayed. It was one of those days when I felt her heart as she prayed for so many who were struggling with health issues. She prayer about all the distractions and hurt around the world.

But then the flood gates kinda opened as I would learn later that this was going to be a special day at the church. She prayed for a man she called Mr. Community and for his family, friends and this church. His name was Dale and she asked God to make this day, a day of glory for a very true faithful servant of God’s.

Well next I scampered off to my own personal hidden sanctuary before the crowd showed up. I am finding that I do enjoy listening to the organist practicing the hymns that the congregation will be singing  for that morning. I got a little adventurous and decided to sneak around because I wanted to see if this might be a morning to call in my furry friends and share the goodies as a good neighbor. And sure enough I quickly peeked into the social room and Yes-Praise God there was going to be a luncheon. My tummy would soon quit growling and I would be loved by all my friends.

I quickly went into hiding again because it was not long before those churchy people kept coming and coming. No chance of rest now—they just jabber and jabber—until the pastor says Good Morning and even then it takes them a little while until they quiet down. The Pastor was soon talking about darkness and light. And how so much of evil occurs in the dark and folks try to keep hidden their dark secrets. But what perked-up my ears was when Pastor Elaine talked about Jesus as the light and his light never goes out even when folks are struggling. This Jesus fellow always seems to get all the attention; but that’s okay they don’t know I exist yet. The other point I got out of this message was unconditional love that is given to all people even when they are in the darkness. But here is the kicker in all of this—God’s love is real—authentic—and we can’t do anything about it. I think I want to know more about this kinda love.  John 3:16—I might  have to memorize that one.

Gotha Run—-It’s time for the crumbs!

The Rev’d Up Church Mouse


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